Utherverse Crypto


Utherverse is one of the oldest platforms that offers a decentralised version of metaverse.

Utherverse serves as a platform that provides virtual 3D environment where people can interact virtually and do much more. 

Utherverse aims to target the new generation of creators across the web to show off their talents. 

Utherverse supports transactions across its various virtual reality platform via its digital currency UTHER Coin. 

UTHER Coin is the least volatile crypto currency with not being able to cross even the $1 mark since its release in 2016.

UTHER Coin is based on the Ethereum Blockchain Technology. 

Utherverse claims to offer everything that metaverse offers, from Gamification, monetization, marketplace, Blockchain Interoperability, Lifestyle etc.  

Experts suggests that Avatar based interactions from the metaverse, will be the final phase of the internet and Utherverse excels at that.