How to Get the iHeartRadio Peacock Feathers in Roblox

Players can get the iHeartRadio Peacock Feathers, a back avatar accessory, 

for nothing by taking part in the winter event in iHeartLand: Music Tycoon.  

This cosmetic will, as the name implies, bring a lot of flair to a player's avatar 

by covering their backs in a red and white array of peacock feathers. 

Similar to the Nike New Year Goggles from NIKELAND, d: Music Tycoon. 

players can wear this Back Avatar Accessory wherever they like in any Roblox game on the platform although it is only available in iHeartLan 

But bear in mind that the iHeartRadio Peacock Feathers are only accessible for a limited time during the winter event.

In Roblox iHeartLand: Music Tycoon, players must enter the game and look for a brand-new item called "holiday bells"

in order to acquire the iHeartRadio Peacock Feathers. 

The Back Avatar Accessory will be placed to the player avatar's inventory once they have collected a total of 40 of these bells.